Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Hand Painted T-Shirt using Stencils and Stamps from Clarity (March 2015 Challenge)

clarity 14

I jazzed up a plain yellow cotton peplum vest top using stencils and stamps from Clarity - giving it a FAB summer makeover.

Fabric Painting Materials:

Crafters Companion E-Brush – fitted with adaptor for Spectrum Noir alcohol pens.

Spectrum Noir alcohol pens – oranges & reds (OR1, CR10), blues and turquoises (BT9, BT7, TB5).

Deka transparent fabric paints – Pink (20-29) and Turquoise (20-58).

Textile Color semi opaque paints (Colouricious) – Azul Blue and Red.

Stencils and Stamps from Clarity:

6X6 Stencil - Seaweed Frame

7X7 Stencils – Seed Heads and Torn Shapes (NDSC5)

Clear Stamps – Round Tree (NDC-90), Dandelion Leaf (DANDL-B and DANDL-F), Coral (CORAL-GG), Fossil (NDC83-FF), Nautilus (ND6-G), Sea Horse (AM06-E), Tropical Fish 1 (FISH1-E), Tropical Fish 2 (FISH2-D), Small Tropical Fish (AM25-B), Large Tropical Fish (AM26-E).

How It Was Done:

Clarity 1

1. Created a paper mask and sprayed orange alcohol ink lightly around the base of the peplum.

clarity 2

2. Sprayed red alcohol ink through torn shapes stencil – to create rock shapes around the hem.

clarity 3

clarity 4

3. Sprayed turquoise blue alcohol ink through the seed head stencil. Again right around the peplum hem – but also extended up into the body of the shirt.

clarity 5

clarity 7

4. Spayed blue and turquoise alcohol ink onto one edge of the seaweed stencil. Created random patches around the hem and up into the body of the shirt.

clarity 8

clarity 9

5. Partially stamped with the Round Tree stamp and pink fabric paint – around the red rocks to create a coral effect.

clarity 10

6. Used the Coral stamp in Turquoise paint around the hem base.

clarity 11

7. Used the large and small dandelion leaf stamps and turquoise paint to create additional seaweed fronds. Also stamped seahorses around the peplum.

clarity 13

8. Next stamped the nautilus and fossil around the hem in Red and Azul paints. Added a few more seahorses in the Red and Azul. Finally used the lovely fishy stamps around the hem, with a few up into the main body to complete the design.

9. Left the garment overnight to fully dry before iron fixing the paints and inks to make them washable.


Hope you like it as much as me. I will enjoy wearing this.