Friday, 2 August 2013

Jennie Rayment Daisy

Jennie Rayment Daisy

I created this following Jennie Rayment's Daisy pattern – which I was lucky enough to win as a gift.

I hand dyed the fabrics, stamped and coloured the petals and added french knot embroidery. Not sure yet what I will make from it .... possibly and Art carrier bag for when I am out and about with my larger sketch books. When I have decided I will layer and quilt it.

My First Stampscapes Scene


My first Stampscapes Scene

Description: I used various brands of stamp for trees, the dog and sun and my first set of Stampscape stamps for the sky, water, grass and rocks: Cumulus clouds, shimmering, water pattern, sedge cluster and sedge filler, tall grass, water grass, pebbles and boulders with lichen.

I used an A4 sheet of my rough cartridge sketching paper as I was bit scared to waste my more expensive stuff. Also I wanted to feel free and not get restricted by worrying about it too much. I haven't done any masking. I just stamped in black - then used old watercolour felt pens and a water brush to colour. Then added highlights using a white gel pen.

I am really pleased with the first attempt and will repeat the scene using decent paper and better colouring methods next time.